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Beautifully Simple Photo Products are available from your personal digital images.

Pinhole Press is an online boutique for personalized, inspirational gifts. Their photo products are designed to inspire the gift giver, spread joy to the recipient and create an unforgettable moment. From photo books and holiday cards to calendars and day planners, they make simple, high-quality, functional products—you make them special with your photos.

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Some of Pinhole Press' newest product offerings:

Panoramic Photo Book: The perfect parent album! This innovative book premieres Mohawk’s Panoramic i-Tone papers, featuring Convertible Solutions TRU-Flat® technology which allows the books to lie perfectly flat with seamless images across every spread.

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Storybooks: First featured in the December 2011 issue of Martha Stewart Living, the Storybook allows your client to add text to their photo book to tell their own heartfelt stories.

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Magnetic Monthly Calendar: The perfect way for a new parent to share the new addition to the family. Clients can keep it front and center on the fridge!

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New Wine Labels: Ring in any special occasion with your own private label champagne or wine. Perfect for an engagement shoot or a wedding celebration.

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